Senior Unix System Engineer
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C R U C I A L   S K I L L S

Unix system administrator and software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Expert with Solaris, shell scripts, Perl, Awk. Excellent documenting skills. Have taught certification and operating system classes.

Languages: Perl, ksh, sh, csh, sed, (n)awk. Have also written JavaScript, C++, assembly, troff, and LaTeX. English y español también.
Server SW: Apache with SSL, Netscape with Verisign. Sendmail, Majordomo, Postfix. NFS, NIS, DNS, Automounter. Veritas VxFS, Legato Networker.
Op systems: Solaris, MacOS X and 9, FreeBSD, Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandrake), HP-UX, Windows XP et al.
Hardware: Sparc (2, Netra T1, E3000, E4500, ...), x86. Switches, routers, portmasters. RAID arrays: EMC 4500 & CX600/700, Sun T3, MetaSTOR. iMac, iBook, PowerBook. Qualstar tape jukeboxes.

H I G H L I G H T S   A T   H O T M A I L

C A R E E R   H I S T O R Y

Microsoft: MSN/Hotmail — System Engineer, 4+ years (Oct 2000–now)
C O N T R A C T S   T H R O U G H   T A O S ,   1 9 9 3 – 2 0 0 0
Inktomi — Senior system admin, 3 months (Aug–Sept 2000)
ClickAction — Lead Unix system admin, 5 months (Mar–July 2000)
Annuncio — Senior system admin, 7 months (Sept 1999–Mar 2000)
Taos — Course designer and instructor (Sept–Nov 1999, at night)
BoldFish — Senior system admin, 2 months (July–Aug 1999)
Sony Electronic Systems — Intranet developer, 1 month (June 1999)
Network Appliance — CGI programmer, 2 months (Mar–May 1999)
Adobe — Web developer, 1 month (Jan–Feb 1999)
Encanto Networks — Web developer, 12 months (Nov 1998–1999)
LSI Logic — 21 months (Mar 1996–Nov 1998)
Hewlett-Packard on-site at Intel — 12 months (Feb 1995–Mar 1996)
Hewlett-Packard — 12 months (Feb 1994–1995)
B E F O R E   T A O S
Tom Sawyer Software — 12 month contract (1992–1993)
Hewlett-Packard — employee for 14 years (1978–1992) and contractor (1994)